A Community of People Loving Jesus and Making Him Known in the Northland of New Zealand

Sunday Worship Service

Sunday Worship Service 10:00am
“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship,to the breaking of bread and to prayer”.
Acts 2:42
The New Testament clearly teaches that since resurrection Sunday, all believers regularily gathered in the temple or where provided on Sunday, ”The Lord’s Day” (Rev. 1:10) for worship services.

It was the dawn of a new day as God declared the New Covenant being fulfilled in Jesus. Sundays had no significance before resurrection Sunday, but after this day, Sunday was never the same again!

The Bible teaches that it is God’s culture & custom to open the Scriptures & teach HIM as the central part of a worship service (Luke 4), so we put a strong emphasis on the teaching of the Word. We serve Communion almost every Sunday. We have a shared Meal (Fellowship Meal) on the last Sunday of each month. We also encourage fellowship after the service by providing a venue for people to stay & share & pray & eat… We offer several Bible studies/Prayer meetings throughout the week to encourage depth in prayer, fellowship & Bible Study & breaking bread.

The Bible teaches that we are to carry each other’s burdens as is the Law of Christ. Therefore, we pray for each other and share at the Bible studies. It’s a good time to ask questions and develop in your faith & Theology.

Revelation 2-3 speaks of the various churches and their characteristics. The faithful Church is the church we aim to be. The faithful Church had three characteristics. These characteristics are: 1. Agape Love; genuine unconditional & humble care for each other, in Truth & Spirit 2. Teaching of the Word as the central focus of meeting; 3. Seizing the “open door” that God presents to His Body of believers (evangelism & compassionate ministries).

Therefore we put a strong emphasis on presenting an ambience of grace and love, teaching the Scriptures faithfully, evangelizing those whom do not know Christ & reaching out to the needy in Christ’s name, through missions & local outreaches.