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Tonga Missions 2013

The Mango Tree Centre has outreaches that we get involved with and initiates the communication and plan between the families that we minister to. Tonga has over 2000 families with disabilities, so we are privileged to work with the ones God appoints us to be with.

Short Term Missions are all about HIM, through those whom are less fortunate. We try not to emphasize any selfishness in our attitudes as we are there to serve, and to serve unselfishly.

We do plan on extending our mission programs beyond Tonga and to other islands within the Asia-Pacific region.

During the 2011 World Cup, Pastor Miguel was serving as the chaplain of the Argentina Pumas. He left the team for a week to minister in Tonga, yet the team was blessed by the Tongan ministry and as their hearts were touched, they sent a jersey to Antonio, a quadraplegic due to a swimming accident. Antonio mentioned that one of his favorite players was Felipe Contemponi (Capt. of Las Pumas). Felipe & Las Pumas gathered their signatures on a jersey & sent it to Tonga as a gesture to show Antonio was part of the team. Next to Antonio is Inkwon Kim, whom is our missionary contact in Tonga serving Jesus through the hidden treasures of the Tongan disabled community.